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The Consortium leader Kaisa Haukka from the University of Helsinki visiting the University Joseph Ki-Zerbo team in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

The Consortium leader Kaisa Haukka from the University of Helsinki visiting the University Joseph Ki-Zerbo team in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in November 2021. With Isidore Bonkoungou and Kaisa Haukka (back row) are the students Zourata Guitti, Yentema Jacqueline Yonli, Djifahamaï Soma, Fatouma Bintou Josiane Diarra, Dr. Edith Nikiema and Zakaria Garba (from left to right).

The bioinformatics expert Dr. Johannes Cairns from the University of Helsinki visited the partners in October 2021 to assess the level of bioinformatics facilities and knowledge before designing the training programme. He also gave talks to different audiences in Burkina Faso and Benin.      

Dr. Reza Sadeghi from the University of Helsinki discussing the good laboratory practices with the SEBA students at the University of Joseph Ki-Zerbo in Burkina Faso, in May 2022.

Dr. Hornel Koudokpon visited the laboratory of Prof. Sylvain Godreuil at the CHU-University of Montpellier to learn new techniques in clinical microbiology, August 2022.  

Poster competition on the theme ”The fight against antimicrobial resistance in the context of the One Health approach”, organized in June and July 2023 in Benin, as part of the project’s dissemination activities. The first price was won by Deo-Gratias Degnonvi.

Pedagogical training for the SEBA teachers in Benin, in July 2022. Picture on the right: Hornel Koudokpon, Arnaud Soha, Jerrold Agbankpe , Kafayath Fabiyi, Esther Deguenon, Kevin Sintondji

Beninese partners visiting the University of Helsinki

Beninese partners visiting the University of Helsinki in May 2023. From left to right: Esther Deguenon, Kafayath Fabiyi, Boris Legba and Victorien Dougnon.

Partners meeting at URMAPha, University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin, in June 2023.  Photo on the left: Kafayath Fabiyi, Dr. Victorien Dougnon, Dr. Martine Tachin and Dr. Isidore Bonkoungou. Photo on the right: Dr. Boris Legba, Prof. Christine Ouinsavi, Dr. Kaisa Haukka and Dr. Victorien Dougnon. 

Joint training sessions when the Burkinabe students joined their Beninese colleagues at the University of Abomey-Calavi in June 2023. On the left Prof. Christine Quinsavi.

The Beninese and Burkinabe SEBA students made a field trip to Parakou and its surroundings 11-15.6.2023. They got familiar with the prevailing conditions in food production, eg. at the local slaughter sites, to understand the hygienic challenges and changes needed to restrict the spread of AMR.

SEBA students and teachers from Benin and Burkina Faso busy with laboratory and bioinformatics practicals during their exchange visit to the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University as well as the city of Ouagadougou in September 2023.

A group of undergraduate students learning about the concept of One Health and the key laboratory techniques at the National University of Agriculture in Kétou, Benin, 5.7.2023. Dr. Martine Tachin in the front in yellow.

In the 18th issue of “Minutes des Microbes,” we will discuss “Control of Bacterial Multidrug Resistance through Phage Development”, 23.9.2023. The Minutes of Microbes is a series of webinars organized monthly by the University of Abomey-Calavi team, inviting local and international speakers and listeners. The topics deal with various subjects related to AMR and solutions for its integrated control. To participate, you should fill out the registration form at the following link: by September 20, 2023, at 11:59 PM.

Head of the Faculty of Life and Earth Sciences welcomed the SEBA project and the visiting genomics and bioinformatics experts from the Pasteur Institute in Cote D’Ivoire to the University Joseph Ki-Zerbo, in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, in August 2023.

SEBA students from Benin and Burkina Faso visited the University Nazi Boni and the National AMR Reference Laboratory in Bobo Dioulasso, headed by Prof. Abdoul-Salam Ouédraogo (in the middle) in September 2023.

Reliable antibiotic susceptibility testing is essential for detection and control of AMR: Prof. Sylvain Godreuil from the University of Montpellier teaching at the University of Nazi Boni in Bobo Dioulasso in November 2023. Prof. Abdoul-Salam Ouedraogo in a turquoise dress.

Group picture of the students at Agricultural University in Ketou (UAK), Benin, who participated in the capacity building activities on antimicrobial resistance and one health. (7-12 November 2023)

Farmers and animal breeders, who took part in awareness-raising sessions on AMR and the One Health approach in Parakou and N’Dali, Benin, in November 2023.

Awareness activity for of farmers and breeders in who took part in awareness-raising sessions on the One Health approach to AMR at Ndali

Quality development is an integral part of the laboratory management of the new SEBA-funded laboratory at the Joseph Ki-Zerbo University in Ouagadougou.

Digital “Stop AMR” campaign was arranged by the UAC team in November 2023.

In Benin our collaboration continues in a EU-funded Mimin project “Improving Skills and Hospital Practices of Healthcare Professionals to Prevent Maternal and Neonatal Infections in Benin”. Good hygiene in healthcare is one of the most efficient ways to restrict the spread of AMR! To know more, see

Planning new initiatives in Burkina Faso; Isidore Bonkoungou, Kaisa Haukka and Abdoul-Salam Ouedraogo meeting during the ESCMID Global congress in Barcelona in April 2024.